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Brads Home Page

My name is Bradley Waddell. I grew up in Arizona. Welcome to my electronic front door. Please learn more about me and how your life can be incredibly enriched by knowing me personally. This home page is very likely to contain exiting, life enriching developments that are sure to change your state of mind forever.

Brad's Life

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How to contact me:

USA Phone +1 702-509-1150

Email: write me

Postal: 2620 S Maryland Pkwy #557 Las Vegas, NV 89109-1692 USA

October 2012: I think the last time I updated this page was 1997, so ignore the rest. here is what you need to know: I run a computer software company, I run a fan club for The Monkees TV show and I live in Zhuhai China. I like power-pop style music and digital video recording. Any questions, write me - thanks for visiting and wiping the cobwebs off of my hit counter!

Hey old friends - I'm looking for you - please write me quick if you are:

Deanna Vanderbur - Great friend from grade school days, great writer for Crazy Magazine!

Tim Walsh - One of my best friends ever, we had a lot of fun - where are you buddy?

Richard Roberts - Funniest man on earth, I hope you can forgive my error and contact me, you are the best.

Dan Benton - You madman, please write to me again I miss you.

Joan Cuccio - My idol in high school, please let me know how you are doing, you were the smartest person I ever met.

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