Total Control: The Monkees Michael Nesmith Story


    The only book brave enough to answer all of the questions and deflate some of the myths surrounding the most volatile member of the made for TV band of the sixties--The Monkees.

    1965 was the year that the pilot episode of "The Monkees", a TV show about a musical band was filmed with four unknown actor musicians. To begin the 40th anniversary celebration, Randi Massingill has updated her sell-out first edition of the biography of Monkee Michael "Wool-Hat" Nesmith with updated information and additional photos.

    "Total Control: The Monkees Michael Nesmith Story" follows the exciting life of the unofficial leader of The Monkees from his upbringing in Texas, fame and fortune as Americas favorite TV band, his critically acclaimed country rock solo career with the First National Band, and then his own record company Pacific Arts, which was destroyed at the hands of PBS by multi-million dollar lawsuits.

      Features of the Updated 2005 Edition:
    • Completely re-written with new information
    • Some photos replaced with alternate improved photos
    • The only known photo of Michael Nesmith with his father
    • Updated chapter and new photos catch up with Michael since the 1997 original publication date
    • All new chapter and photos on the Monkees after the UK reunion tour
    • Photos from the Justus sessions and the ABC TV reunion special
    • Updated bibliography
    • Over 75 photos added to this edition

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