FlexODBC is the premier ODBC driver for DataFlex DBMS files.

This full evaluation version of FlexODBC 4.0 is the full multi-user product limited to 30 days of use and 100 records per query until activated. It will automatically run and install and includes an Uninstaller and full product manual in Adobe PDF format.

About this driver

This driver is a fully functional ODBC driver that can read and write DataFlex version 2.3 and 3.x format files. It requires an ODBC compliant front-end application such as Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Once installed, it will allow these applications to read and write DataFlex files in the same fashion as other SQL data.

Benefits of FlexODBC

  • SQL and ODBC are the corporate data access standard
  • Quick installation
  • No training required
  • Transparent operation
  • ODBC level 1 support
  • Read-only mode available
  • DFPATH support
  • Index support with jump-in!
  • Multi-file queries support
  • Multiple selection criteria support

Note: Creation of new files and indexes not currently supported.

Today's end users are extremely sophisticated, requiring up-to-the-minute data to make a significant number of business decisions. Business people cannot afford to wait for IS to service a request for data. The data must be available on the desktop instantly. ODBC is the solution for all Windows applications, and FlexODBC is the solution for DataFlex developers needing a standard way to provide data to their end users.


What is DataFlex?

DataFlex is a 4th Generation Object Oriented application development system used for the creation of complex database applications. It is used world-wide in large companies as well as specialized vertical market applications. The DataFlex name is not as well known as other DBMS products by virtue of it's focus on the professional programmer market.

What is ODBC?

ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) is a specification designed by Microsoft to allow Windows applications to access multiple data sources through a single method with no regard for various file formats. SQL (Structured Query Language) is used as the method for accessing data through ODBC. Vendors of ODBC drivers (like this one) follow the specifications for ODBC so that any ODBC compliant application can access the data available through the driver. ODBC compliant applications include: Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, Powerbuilder, Borland Delphi, Crystal Pro Report Writer, Visual Basic and hundreds of others.

What is FlexODBC?

FlexODBC is an ODBC driver (DLL) for DataFlex format files. DataFlex stores it's data in it's own proprietary indexed DBMS file format. This driver allows users of any ODBC compliant front end application to read and write data contained in DataFlex format files similarly to any other ODBC enabled database.

FlexODBC works by accepting SQL commands through the ODBC interface, then converting those calls to navigational commands to the DataFlex DBMS and returning record sets that qualify for the query results. This driver is not a Client/Server product, and navigates the data files directly.

What can I do with FlexODBC?

FlexODBC opens up the DataFlex files created by thousands of custom programs to the new world of database connectivity. In the same way that Windows has created an environment where all applications have a similar look and feel, ODBC drivers make all database formats look the same.

  • A user in Microsoft Office can use Excel to pull company accounting or invoice information directly into a spreadsheet and create a chart.
  • Microsoft Word can do a customer mail merge directly from DataFlex files.
  • Crystal Pro Report writer can create multi-file reports from DataFlex data.
  • Microsoft Access or Borland Delphi can be used to merge DataFlex data with other data sources to produce complex reports, or to run mass file updates based on multiple criteria.

Best of all, this driver is transparent and works in exactly the same fashion of ODBC drivers from other vendors. DataFlex developers now can offer this driver to their customers to allow them direct access to their important data. 

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