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Brad's Las Vegas Electric Vehicles

Hi. I moved to Las Vegas after living in California with the pledge to drive an electric car in this, the environmental awareness capital of the USA. What I wanted was a car like the EV1 or Toyota RAV4-EV, but both required home charging installations, and I live in an apartment. Well, it was not exactly easy, but I did manage to find some EV's to drive.

The first car I purchased was a new Chrysler GEM. This car was speed limited to 25mph and could not use all roads, but was fun to drive and people loved asking about it. It was clearly an electric car, and the area I'm in has a lot of golf courses.

Second I found the Bradley GT II Electric, an electric car built in 1980 in Washington state and had it shipped down here and refurbished with some new EV parts, but the wife was unable to open her own door or operate a stick, and I wanted something she could eventually drive.

Finally I have settled on the Tropica, a car I found in Florida sitting in a garage for 8 years in mint condition. It's light, fun to drive and people can't believe how great looking it is. They keep saying how electric cars are supposed to be ugly.

Hope this information is helpful in showing others that, although not appropriate for every trip, EV's can be a great second car, handle 80% or more of errands and commutes, and help the USA to break it's addiction to imported oil. thanks!

Brad Waddell

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