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First, cars that run with electric motors are the future, whether you call them battery cars, hydrogen cars or fuel cell cars, all run on electricity with electric motors, and have more in common with an electric fan than a typical gasoline engine car. See my page on the electric cars I have owned to get an idea of where the future will lead.

BG Bars are all natural energy bars that fill you up, give you extra energy and help you lose weight. Filled with excellent nutrition and Super Blue-green Algea, these super bars can be a meal replacement that will jump start your day like it has mine.

The food supplement MSM is a natural substance that is supposed to be in our food when it ripens, but our computer factory farms don't let food ripen, they want it hard and able to be shipped long distances, look pretty, and be hard to damage when on display at a store.

Unfortunately, the natural nutrients you are supposed to get from your food are no longer there, and few of us have time to grow our own food,  so we have to supplement them. MSM comes from tree bark and is the thing which makes Aloe Vera and Garlic have healing properties. Just make sure you get the natural stuff, not the chemically made type.

Here's a quick way to tell if you are getting enough MSM - are your fingernails smooth and strong and do your nails and hair grow quickly? If so, you are getting plenty of food sulfur in your diet. If your nails are brittle and uneven, MSM could help, because the body does not have the nutrients it needs to operate properly, and this is a visible external symptom of malnutrition.

The water that comes from your tap is filled with chemicals and dead - it has no energy like a mountain stream has. I purchased a water machine from John Ellis, knowing nothing more than his ad in Popular Science. The water has made a big difference in my health so I decided to offer water samples from the machine to people considering purchasing one of these machines.

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